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Bachelor Pad

Bachelor Pad

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Check out the Bachelor Pad Scent Surge Classic wax bar and our Squeezable wax melts. If you want to make your bachelor pad smell amazing or impress your friends with a great scent, this is the one for you. It has a modern smell that goes with any style, and you can control how strong it is. The wax melt is made with top-notch ingredients, so the scent lasts a long time and stays consistent. When it melts, it releases a masculine and charming fragrance, starting with fresh bergamot and spicy Sichuan pepper, then moving to a lavender scent and finishing with earthy patchouli.

ScentSurge wax bars are 50g and can last around 20-30 hours and the Squeezable wax melt is 90g and can last around 45-60 hours, but the exact time can vary based on the size of the area you're in and the type of wax warmer you're using.

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