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Scented Jewels

Spiked Orchard

Spiked Orchard

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Introducing "Spiked Orchard" by Scented Jewels 

Indulge your senses in the irresistible allure of "Spiked Orchard," the ultimate squeezable wax melt. As you release the wax melt from its pouch, a symphony of aromatic notes dances through the air. The sweet, crisp essence of freshly picked apples mingles with the rick, alluring aroma of smooth maple syrup, creating a harmonious blend that tantilizes your olfactory senses. But it doesn't end there. A dash of bourbon adds a touch of intrigue, intertwining with the fruity and syrupy layers to create an utterly irresistible fragrance.

Experience the magic of "Spiked Orchard" and let its captivating scent transport you to a world of autumn splendor. Unleash the essence of the orchard into your space and let the intoxicating aroma envelop you in its warm embrace.

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