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Scented Jewels

Nana Nutt Crunch

Nana Nutt Crunch

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Nana Nutt Crunch by Scented Jewels

The delightful aroma of banana, creamy vanilla, and some almond crunch carefully crafted with care and precision it releases a burst of heavenly fragrance, filling every nook and cranny with the comforting and irresistible scent of ripe bananas, toasted nuts, and hints of warm spices. 

Designed with convenience in mind, our squeezable wax melt offers a unique and user-friendly experience. Simply add a small amount of the melt to your wax warmer/burner, and let the magic unfold.

Perfect for cozy evenings, gatherings with loved ones, or simply a moment of relaxation, this wax melt is a must-have addition to your home fragrance collection.

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