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Scented Jewels



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Introducing our nostalgic Squeezable Wassail Wax Melt, a delightful and convenient way to fill your space with the heartwarming aroma of wassail. Reminiscent of cherished holiday memories, our squeezable wax melt captures the essence of wassail fragrance in a unique and user-friendly form.

Our carefully crafted wassail scent combines notes of apple, citrus, and warm spices to evoke a cozy sense of tradition and togetherness. With just a gentle squeeze, this innovative wax melt releases the comforting fragrance, instantly transporting you to a time filled with laughter, warmth, and familiar holiday traditions.

As the scent of wassail permeates your surroundings, it conjures up memories of joyous gatherings, crackling fires, and the spirit of celebration. Whether it's the spicy aroma of simmering wassail on the stove or the festive ambiance of seasonal festivities, our squeezable wax melt encapsulates the essence of nostalgia, allowing you to relive those treasured moments with every squeeze.

Experience the magic of wassail in a convenient and mess-free form with our Squeezable Wassail Wax Melt. Embrace the evocative power of scent and let it whisk you away to a time of cherished memories and heartfelt connections.

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